Utilization Report page

Use this page to create a report detailing customer usage and evaluate which customers might need to upgrade their subscriptions.

Utilization Report options
Option Definition
Print Click to print the report.
Save As Click to save the report as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or as a CSV file.
Report Criteria
  • Include only overutilized customers — When selected, only customers that use the full quantity of their entitled seats appear in the Utilization Report.
  • Include sub-partners — When selected, includes the subpartner customers in the report.
    Note: The checkbox is available only when subpartners are present.
  • Generate — Click to view the results in the Utilization Report.
  • Reset — Click to clear the data in the Utilization Report.
Utilization Report
  • Partner Name — Specifies the name of the partner.
  • Sub Partner — Specifies the name of the subpartner.
  • Customer Name — Specifies the name of the customer.
  • Customer Email Address — Specifies the email address of the customer.
  • Service — Specifies the usage details for one or more services.
    • Service Name — Specifies the name of the service.
    • Service Entitled Quantity — Specifies the number of user seats purchased with the subscription.
    • Used Quantity — Specifies the number of user seats used by the customer.
    Note: For McAfee Cloud Threat Detection, the Service Entitled Quantity and Used Quantity details are displayed as per the file submissions.