Partner tab (My Partner Account, Partner Profile, New Partner Account, and Edit Partner Information)

Use this tab to view and edit your partner information and the information for one of your child partner accounts.

Partner tab
Option Definition
Partner Information
  • Partner Company Name — Specifies the partner name.
  • Parent Partner — Specifies the partner name.
  • Partner Type — Specifies the partner type, including:
    • DistributorManaged
    • MSP
    • OEM

    For subpartners of DistributorManaged partners, the partner type is displayed as ResellerManaged or MSP.

    For MSP and OEM subpartners, the partner type is displayed as MSP subpartner and OEM subpartner respectively.

  • Number of Employees — Specifies the number of employees for the partner.
  • Industry — Specifies the industry associated with the partner.
Company Primary Address
  • Address 1 — Specifies the street address of the partner.
  • Address 2 — Optionally, specifies the second line of the street address.
  • Country — Specifies the country of the partner. MSP subpartners and customers are limited to do transactions within the partner's country, unless provided permissions to transact in multiple countries.
  • City — Specifies the city of the partner.
  • State/Province — Specifies the U.S. state, Canadian province, or equivalent value of the partner.
  • Zip/Postal Code — Specifies the U.S. zip code, postal code, or equivalent value for the partner address.
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Full access options
Option Definition
Edit Click to edit the partner information. By default, when you open a Partner Profile or view your own Partner Account the page is read only.
Cancel Click to stop editing without saving your changes.