Configuration tab (My Partner Account, Partner Profile, New Partner Account, or Edit Partner Information)

Use this tab to view or edit your configuration options or the configuration options for one of your child partners.

Configuration tab
Option Definition
Partner Configuration
  • Language — Specifies the default country and language for the partner.
  • Partner Manages its Customer's Security — Specifies whether the partner manages security for their customers. All Managed Service Providers (MSP) manage security for their customers.
  • Partner Has Access to PBC — Specifies whether the partner can log on to the Partner Business Center.
  • McAfee Provides Support for Partner's Customers — Specifies whether McAfee provides support for the customer.
  • Sub-Partner Addendum Signed — Specifies whether the partner has signed legal addendum that entitles them to have subpartners. This option is visible only for Global Administrators when a partner is created, viewed, and edited. The default setting is No.
  • Partner entity is allowed to transact in more than one country — Specifies that the MSP partners and their subpartners can do transactions in more than one country. This option is visible only for Global Administrators. By default, this option is not selected. Therefore, when the MSP partner creates a new customer or a subpartner, the customer's or the subpartner's country is limited to the partner's country.

    For partners for whom this option is selected, their subpartners and customers can change their country of transaction.

  • Email Notification Type — Specifies the email notification type. Options include:
    • No Emails — No notification emails.
    • Order and Activation Email — Account and product emails.
    • Order Email — Product emails only. This specifies the products, quantity, and term for each order.
    • Activation Email — Account emails only. This provides information about how to activate the McAfee ePO Cloud account tied to the product.

    The default notification type is Activation Email.

  • McAfee to send Email — Specifies whether account and product emails are sent to the customers the partner manages or customers only. Options include:
    • Customer Only
    • Partner Only
    • Both Customer and Partner
    • No Emails

    The default notification type is Partner Only.

Branding Settings

Optionally specifies the logo, support information, and email address used to support branding in McAfee SecurityCenter and McAfee ePO.

McAfee ePO Cloud — You can now set separate logos for the Management Console and Activation Email. The image resolution for the logos are:

  • Management Console — 80x20 pixels
  • Activation Email — 158x40 pixels
  • To upload the logos:
    • Click Select to add an image file.
    • Click Remove Logo to delete the current image file.
  • Support Info — Specifies support information. Limited to 1000 characters.
  • Support URL — Specifies the URL partners use to brand the support link. For example:
  • From Email — Specifies the email address partners use to brand email messages.
  • Buy / Trial URL — Specifies the URL partners use to brand the buy or trial link. For example,

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Full access options
Option Definition
Edit Click to edit the configuration information. By default, when you open a Partner Profile or view your own Partner Account, the page is read-only.
Cancel Click to stop editing without saving your changes.
Submit Click to save all changes for the partner account.