Partner Accounts page

Use this page to view partner accounts.

Partner Accounts list
Option Definition
New Partner Click to create a partner account.
List of partner accounts
  • Access to PBC — Specifies whether selected partners have access to the site.

    Enable access for a partner and notify them by email:

    1. Select the checkbox for one or more partners. The column header is a link. The number of selections is specified in parentheses.
    2. Click Access to PBC. A confirmation dialog box appears.
    3. Click Yes. An email notifies the partner that they now have access.

  • Partner Name — Specifies the name of the partner. Click the link to view partner details.
  • State/Province — Specifies the U.S. state or Canadian province for the partner.
  • Country — Specifies the country for the partner.
  • Partner Type — Specifies the partner type of the partner.
  • Customers — Specifies the number of customers associated with the partner. Click the number to change the contextual partner drop down, and you will be redirected to view the customer accounts list.
Viewing partners
  • Refresh icon — Click to refresh the list of partner accounts.
  • Paging options — Use the paging options to browser for a specific partner.
    • First page
    • Previous page
    • Page number
    • Specifies the number of customers per page. Select to change.
    • Next page
    • Last page
  • Heading options — Use the heading options to sort the list or filter the list based on heading criteria.

    A heading can be filtered to show rows that are:

    • Equal to a value
    • Starts with a value
    • Contains a value