Users page

Use this page to view or edit user accounts for a specific partner.

Users list
Option Definition
List of users
  • Username — Specifies the logon name for the user.
  • First Name — Specifies the user's first name.
  • Last Name — Specifies the user's last name.
  • Status — Specifies the current active status of the user.
    • Active — Specifies that the user account is active and verified.
    • Locked — Specifies that the user account is currently locked and the user is prevented from accessing the site.
    • Unverified — The user has not yet verified their email address.
  • Last Login Date — Specifies the date and time of the user's last logon.
Full access options
Option Definition
New User Click to add a new user account.
Delete User Click to delete one or more user accounts.
List of users
  • Select — Select the checkbox next to a user account to perform an action.