Customer accounts page

Use this page to view customers and their subscriptions.

Customer accounts list options
Option Definition
Print Click to print the list of customer accounts.
Save As Click to save the list of customer accounts to a file. The list of customer accounts can be saved as a Microsoft Excel file or a CSV file.
New Customer Order Click to create a subscription for a new customer.
List of customer accounts
  • Customer — Displays the customer name. Click the link to view customer details. You can sort or filter the customer accounts list based on the customer name.
  • City — Displays the city.
  • State/Province — Displays the state or province.
  • Country — Displays the country.
  • Customer Email Address — Displays the email address of the customer. You can filter the customer accounts list based on the customer email address.
  • Products — Displays the active product subscriptions for the customer.
  • Quantity — Displays the number of users for each subscription.
  • Product Console — Displays links to useful sites for the provisioned products.
    • Copy Policy — Click to select and apply the SecurityCenter policies of an existing customer to the current customer.
    • McAfee ePO Cloud — Click to view the McAfee ePO SSO page.
    • MVISION — Click to view the MVISION configuration page.
  • Customer Reference Number — Specifies the customer reference number. The customer reference number is an optional value, and you can add it when you create a customer order. You can sort or filter the customer accounts list based on the customer reference number.
Viewing customers
  • Paging options — Use the paging options to browse for a specific customer.
    • First page
    • Previous page
    • Page number
    • Specifies the number of customers per page. Select to change.
    • Next page
    • Last page
  • Refresh icon — Click to refresh the list of customer accounts.
  • Heading options — Use the heading options to sort the list or filter the list based on heading criteria.

    A heading can be filtered to limit the list of customers.

    • Starts with — Select to view customers that begin with a value.
    • Is equal to — Select to view a specific customer.
    • Filter — Click to filter the list.
    • Clear — Click to remove the current filter.