Expiring Subscriptions page

Use this page to generate the list of subscriptions due to expire.

Expiring subscriptions options
Option Definition
Print Click to print the report.
Save As Click to save the report as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or as a CSV file.
Report Criteria
  • Expiring In — Select the number of days in the future to search for this report.
  • Subscription Type — Select the subscription types to include in the report.
  • Include Sub Partners — Select to include subpartners in the report.
  • Generate — Click search to view order details.
  • Reset — Click to reset.
Expiring Subscriptions Details
  • Order ID — Specifies the current Order ID.
  • Grant Number — Specifies the grant number.
  • Start Date — Specifies the start date of the order subscription.
  • Expiry Date — Specifies the date the subscription expires.
  • Quantity — Specifies the number of user seats for the product in the order.
  • McAfee Product Description — Specifies a description for the McAfee product in the order.
  • Customer Name — Specifies the customer name.
  • Country — Specifies the customer country.
  • Partner — Specifies the partner or subpartner.
  • Term — Specifies the length of the subscription.