Sell-Out Report page

Use this page to generate the list of orders associated with a partner in a given month. Save the report to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet so you can complete any needed information before submitting to royalty reporting.

Sell-Out Report options
Option Definition
Print Click to print the report.
Save As Click to save the report as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or as a CSV file.
Report Criteria
  • Partner Company Name — When selected, displays the partner name for the report.
  • Include Sub Partners — When selected, includes the orders for subpartners in the report.
    Note: The checkbox is available only when subpartners are present.
  • Display All — When selected, displays all data in the report.
  • Month — Select the month and year for the report.
  • Generate — Click search to view order details.
  • Reset — Click to reset.
Order Details

The Sell-Out Report includes the following order details:

  • Partner — Specifies the primary partner or subpartner.
  • Sub Partner — Specifies the name of the subpartner.
  • Customer Name — Specifies the customer name.
  • Country — Specifies the customer country.
  • McAfee SKU — Specifies the SKU code for the McAfee product in the order.
  • McAfee Product Description — Specifies a description for the McAfee product in the order.
  • Order Status — Specifies the status of the order. Active indicates a new, unchanged order. Replaced indicates a change to the order that resulted in products being added or removed. Canceled indicates that all products were removed when the order was changed, effectively canceling the order.
  • Order ID — Specifies the current Order ID.
  • Original Order ID — Specifies a useful reference to the original order ID associated with the order when the order was later changed and updated to a Canceled or Replaced status. Does not apply to an Active status.
  • Quantity — Specifies the number of user seats for the product in the order.
  • Order Date — Specifies the date the order was created.
  • Start Date — Specifies the start date of the order subscription.
  • Term Length — Specifies the length of the subscription.
  • End Date — Specifies the date the subscription expires.
  • Canceled Date — Specifies the date on which the order was canceled.