What's new

This release of Network Security Platform includes the following new feature:

Introducing support for 10G module in a 40G Active Fail-open chassis

Starting with this firmware release, the 40G Active Fail-open chassis supports both 10G and 40G modules. You can install a maximum of three modules in any combination of 10G and 40G modules. For example, you can install two 10G modules and one 40G module, all three 10G modules, all three 40G modules, and so on.

You can manage the 10G and 40G modules through a web interface. For more information, see 10G/40G Active Fail-Open Bypass Kit Guide.

  • 10G modules are supported on NS5x00, NS7x00, NS7x50, NS7500, NS9x00, and NS9500 Sensor models.
  • 40G modules are supported on NS9x00 and NS9500 Sensor models.