Install the active Fail-Open module and chassis

Before you begin

  • Make sure you have the Active Fail-Open chassis.
  • Identify the rack in which you plan to install the fail-open chassis.
  • If you are using a physical Sensor, make sure that you are able to physically connect the chassis with the monitoring ports.
  • Insert the Active Fail-Open module into one of the 3 slots available before powering up the chassis. For more information, see Connect the fail-open switch to network devices

You can install up to three Fail-Open module in a single chassis.

Note: You can install an active Fail-Open module in the chassis on the fly while the chassis is powered on in the rack. If you insert a new module for the first time in a slot that was empty since installation, the new module becomes active after reboot of the chassis. McAfee recommends you to insert the Active Fail-Open module(s) into the slot first before turning on the power.


  1. Install the ears of the chassis.

  2. Install the rails.

  3. Mount the rails to the chassis. The rails consists of the following:
    • An Inner Rail that is connected to the Active Fail-Open chassis.
    • An Outer Rail that is mounted on a 4-post rack.

    1. Align the Inner Rail slots to chassis arms as depicted below.
    2. Push the Inner Rails toward the back of the chassis to lock it in.

    3. Use screws provided with the rails to secure the Inner Rails onto the chassis.

  4. Assemble the Outer Rails onto the 4-post rack.

  5. Extend the Outer Rails arms.

  6. Attach chassis to Outer Rails and push the chassis into the rack by pressing the clip down.

  7. Secure the chassis by inserting screws through holes on ears of the chassis.


The Active Fail-Open module is ready to be connected to a Sensor.