Enable tap mode for the Fail-Open module

Before you begin

  • Configure an IPv4 address for your Active Fail-Open chassis.
  • Make sure you can access the Active Fail-Open chassis web-interface using a web browser.

You are able to enable tap mode for your Active Fail-Open chassis if you use a tap to route network traffic to the Sensor Monitoring ports.


  1. Log on to the web interface of the Active Fail-Open chassis.
    Use default credentials to access the web interface.
    Note: Make sure that you have selected the correct module. You can also change the module from the CLI command prompt using the set_seg x y CLI command. Where x is the module number and y is the segment.
  2. Click the Bypass tab to access the Bypass configuration page.
  3. Click the HB active mode drop-down menu and select Off.
  4. In the Active bypass section, select tap.

  5. Click Apply to save your configuration.


You have set your active fail-open to tap mode of operation.