Configure Sensor Monitoring Ports

Before you begin

  • The Sensor must be set up with trust established with a Manager server.
  • The Sensor has a free port pair which can be deployed in in-line Active fail-open mode.
  • It is assumed that you have inserted necessary transceiver modules into the Sensor if you have completed cabling the Sensor and Fail-Open module.

When you set up a Sensor for the first time, its ports are disabled by default. The Sensor ports must be manually configured for in-line fail-open operation.


  1. In the Manager, go to Devices<Admin_Domain_Name>Devices<Device_Name>SetupPhysical Ports.
  2. Double-click on one of the configurable ports, say G2/1.
    A configuration panel appears on the right side of the window.
  3. Click the State drop-down and select Enabled.
    You are asked whether you want to proceed since this configuration will also impact port G2/2.
  4. Click Yes to proceed.
    This enables port G2/1-G2/2.
  5. Click the Mode drop-down and select In-line Fail-Open – Active.
  6. Click the Placement drop-down and select Inside Network or Outside Network, depending on how you want to configure your ports.
    McAfee recommends choosing Gx/1 as Inside Network and Gx/2 as Outside Network.

  7. Click Save.


The Sensor and Fail-Open module are setup. When traffic passes through the ports, you will notice the port link status changes to Up and turns green.