InfoCollector is an information collection tool, bundled with Manager that allows you to easily provide McAfee with McAfee® Network Security Platform-related log information. McAfee can use this information to investigate and diagnose issues you may be experiencing with the Manager.

InfoCollector can collect information from the following sources within McAfee Network Security Platform:

Information Type Description
Ems.log Files Configurable logs containing information from various components of the Manager. The current ems.log file is renamed when its size reaches 3MB, using the current timestamp. Another ems.log is created to collect the latest log information.
Configuration backup A collection of database information containing all Network Security Platform configuration information.
Configuration files XML and property files within the Network Security Platform config directory.
Fault log A table in the Network Security Platform database that contains generated fault log messages.
Sensor Trace A file containing various McAfee® Network Security Sensor(Sensor)-related log files.
Compiled Signature A file containing signature information and policy configuration for a given Sensor.

InfoCollector is a tool that can be used both by you and by McAfee.

McAfee systems engineers can use the InfoCollector tool to provide you with a definition (.def) file via email. This file is configured by McAfee to automatically choose information that McAfee needs from your installation of Network Security Platform. You simply open the definition file within the InfoCollector and it will automatically select the information that McAfee needs from your installation of the Manager.

Alternatively, a manual approach can also be used with InfoCollector, and you can select information yourself to provide to McAfee. For example, McAfee may ask you to select checkboxes that correspond to different sets of information available within Network Security Platform.