Integration with McAfee Vulnerability Manager

Vulnerability assessment is the automated process of pro-actively identifying vulnerabilities of computing systems in a network in order to determine security threats to the network. Vulnerability scanner software automates the vulnerability discovery process, by remotely assessing your network, and finding the vulnerabilities in the systems.

McAfee® Network Security Platform provides integration with vulnerability scanners such as McAfee® Vulnerability Manager (formerly Foundstone), and Nessus Security Scanner. You can request remote scans, and use the vulnerability assessment reports from the scanners to determine the relevance of attacks on the hosts.

Vulnerability Manager scan configuration can be done from the root admin domain level or at child admin domain levels. There is an option to inherit configuration settings from the parent domain, or enable separate configuration at the child admin domain level.

Different Vulnerability Manager server settings and scan configurations can be done at the root and child admin domain levels.