Integration with Intel Security Controller

Intel® Security Controller (henceforth, referred to as Intel Security Controller) is a centralized platform to enable software-defined security for software-defined datacenters (SDDC). Intel Security Controller provides a common set of management services, acting as a broker between the security solutions and the virtual infrastructure. You can use Intel Security Controller to provide service such as next-generation Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) virtual infrastructures.

Intel Security Controller integrates with a hypervisor and a networking provider to provide security solutions as a service to your virtual networks. Using Intel Security Controller as a liaison between the security service and its associated components, and the virtualization providers, you are able to provide security services for virtual networks.

To illustrate this, consider a virtual environment that uses VMware vCenter* and VMware ESXi* as its hypervisor and VMware NSX* as its Software Defined Network (SDN) controller to deploy security services on virtual infrastructure.

Intel Security Controller solution overview - current virtualization environment supported

Intel Security Controller is a virtual appliance that you install on an ESXi host. It provides a Java*-based web application for configuration and management. You can deploy Intel Security Controller on existing virtual infrastructure without any configuration changes to those virtual networks.

As the above illustration shows you can also deploy security services on OpenStack* environments.