Integration with McAfee Global Threat Intelligence

McAfee® Global Threat Intelligence™ is a global threat correlation engine and intelligence base of global messaging and communication behavior, which enables the protection of the customers against both known and emerging electronic threats across all threat areas. The communication behavior includes the reputation, volume, and network traffic patterns.

You get complete integration with Global Threat Intelligence (McAfee GTI) in exchange for sending detailed alert information to McAfee. You can report, filter, and sort hosts involved in attacks based on their network reputation and the country of the attack origin by this integration.

Global Threat Intelligence technologies

GTI has two components:

  • IP Reputation [formerly TrustedSource] — Comprehensive, real-time, cloud-based IP Reputation service to provide
    • Web reputation — URL and web domain reputation service to protect against web-based threats
    • Web categorization — URL and web domain categorization service to take policy-based action on user web activity as well as protect customers against both known and emerging web-based threats.
    • Message reputation — Message and sender reputation service to protect against message-based threats such as spam

    • Network connection reputation — IP address, network port, and communications protocol reputation service to determine granular reputation intelligence protect against network threats
  • File Reputation [formerly Artemis] — Comprehensive, real-time, cloud-based file reputation service to protect against both known and emerging malware-based threats

Each of these technologies work together to provide information about the threats and vulnerabilities, which gives GTI the ability to predictively adjust reputations across all threat areas and thereby avoid attacks.