Review the upgrade considerations

Review this section carefully before you commence the Central Manager upgrade process.

  • Central Manager upgrade downtime window — How long the upgrade takes depends on the size of your deployment and the size of your database. The Central Manager upgrade process alone can take an hour to complete.
    • Operating system upgrade downtime — The latest Central Manager 9.2 is supported on various Windows operating systems as mentioned in Central Manager and Manager system requirements.

      If you want to upgrade the operating system of your Central Manager server, for example from Windows Server 2012 Standard (Server with a GUI) to Windows 2016, you must factor this in when you estimate the Central Manager downtime.

  • Database backup before and after upgrade — It is critical that you perform a full backup of your database using the All Tables as well as Config Tables options both before and after the upgrade. Backing up before upgrading enables you to roll back to your earlier version should you encounter problems during upgrade. Backing up immediately following upgrade preserves your upgraded tables and provides a baseline of the 9.2 database that you upgraded to. Importantly, when you are backing up the database, there should not be any scheduled task running in the background.
    Note: You cannot restore the database from a lower version Central Manager on a higher version.