Starting the Manager/Central Manager

This section assumes you have permissions granting you access to the software. In Network Security Platform, this translates to a Super User role at the root admin domain. Your actual view of the interface may differ, depending on the role you have been assigned within Network Security Platform. For example, certain tasks may be unavailable to you if your role denies you access. If you find you are unable to access a screen or perform a particular task, consult your Network Security Platform Super User.

Important: For testing purposes, you can access the Manager from the server. For working with the Manager/Central Manager, McAfee recommends that you access the server from a client machine. Running the Manager/Central Manager interface client session on the server can result in slower performance due to program dependencies, such as Java, which may consume a lot of memory.

To view the Manager/Central Manager interface, do the following:


  1. Make sure the following services are running on the Manager server:
    • McAfee Network Security Manager
    • McAfee Network Security Manager Database
    • McAfee Network Security Manager Watchdog. The default Windows Startup Type for this service is manual. So, you might have to manually start this service.
    See Manager installation with Local Service account privileges section.
    If you have installed the Central Manager, then make sure the following services are running on the Central Manager server:
    • McAfee® Network Security Central Manager
    • McAfee® Network Security Central Manager Database
    • McAfee® Network Security Central Manager Watchdog. The default Windows Startup Type for this service is manual. So, you might have to manually start this service.
    Start the services using one of these methods to start the Manager, Database, and Watchdog services:
    • Select StartSettingsControl Panel. Double-click Administrative Tools, and then double-click Services. Locate the services starting with McAfee Network Security Manager.
    • Right-click on the Manager icon at the bottom-right corner of your server and start the required service. The database service is not available with this option.
  2. Open the Manager
    • Server - Double-click the shortcut icon that you created during installation.
    • Client machine -

      Start your browser (Internet Explorer 8.0 9.0 or 10, or Firefox 7.0) and then type the URL of the Manager server:

      https://<hostname or host-IP>

  3. Log on to the Manager by entering the default logon ID and password.
    Note: If pop-up blocker settings is enabled in the browser, you will not be able to type your login credentials. In such an instance, disable the pop-up blocker settings in your browser and then try to access the Manager using your login ID and password. If the pop-up blocker is enabled, the login and password text boxes are disabled and it remains disabled till you disable the pop-up blocker and refresh the browser.

    The Manager software requires Java runtime engine software for some of its components. When you first log onto the Manager from a client system, you are prompted to download and install the appropriate version of the JRE software.

    You must download and install these programs for proper functioning of the Manager program. See Java runtime engine requirements.