Install the Manager/Central Manager

Before you begin

Close all open programs, including email, the Administrative ToolsServices window, and instant messaging to avoid port conflicts. A port conflict may cause the Manager program to incur a BIND error on startup, hence failing initialization.

Note: Close any open browsers and restart your server after installation is complete. Open browsers may be caching old class files and cause conflicts.

IIS (Internet Information Server) and PWS (Personal Web Server) must be disabled or uninstalled from the target server.

This section contains installation instructions for the Central Manager and Manager software on your Windows server or McAfee Linux Operating System (MLOS), including the installation of a MariaDB.

In this section, unless explicitly stated, Central Manager and Manager are commonly referred to as "Manager."


  1. Prepare your target server for Manager software installation. See Preparing for the Manager installation.
  2. Install the Manager software. See Installing the Manager.
  3. Start the Manager program. During initial client login from the Manager server or a client machine, the required Java runtime engine software must be present for proper program functionality. See Starting the Manager/Central Manager.