Configuration of the Update Server

After installing the Manager software, one of the first tasks you will perform is setting the schedule for receiving updates from the McAfee® Network Security Update Server (Update Server). These updates include signature files for your Sensors and software for your Manager and/or Sensors.

Note: You can only perform one download/upload at a time from any Network Security Platform component, including the Update Server.

You can perform the following actions using the Update Server:

  • Downloading software updates— Download the latest Sensor or NTBA Appliance software image file from the Update Server to the Manager.
  • Downloading signature set updates— Download the latest attack and signature information from the Update Server to the Manager.
  • Automating updates— Configure the frequency by which the Manager checks the Update Server for updates, and the frequency by which Sensors and NTBA Appliances receive signature updates from the Manager.
  • Manually importing a Sensor and NTBA Appliance image or signature set— Manually import downloaded Sensor or NTBA Appliance software image and signature files to the Manager.

    For more information on the Update Server, see McAfee Network Security Platform Product Guide.