Recommended Manager specifications

McAfee® Network Security Manager (Manager) software runs on a dedicated Windows server.

The larger your deployment, the more high-end your Manager server should be. Many McAfee® Network Security Platform issues result from an under-powered Manager Server. For example, to manage 40 or more McAfee® Network Security Sensors (Sensors), we recommend larger configurations than the minimum-required specifications mentioned in Server requirements.

The Manager client is a Java web application, which provides a web-based user interface for centralized and remote Sensor management. The Manager contains Java applets. Because Java applets take advantage of the processor on the host from which they are being viewed, we also recommend that the client hosts used to manage the Network Security Platform solution exceed the minimum-required specifications mentioned in Client requirements.

Tip: You will experience better performance in your configuration and data-forensic tasks by connecting to the Manager from a browser on the client machine. Performance may be slow if you connect to the Manager using a browser on the server machine itself.