The information in this document supplements that released in the Network Security Platform 9.1 user documentation.

This document covers new features and enhancements that are supported in the following versions of Network Security Platform software:

  • Network Security Manager software version:
  • Signature set:
  • NS-series Sensor software version:

The Manager in this release can be run using two modes:

  • Non-FIPS mode: All Manager features up to 9.1 are supported in the non-FIPS mode.
  • FIPS mode: All features supported in this mode are FIPS compliant:
    • The Manager version that supports FIPS can manage both FIPS and non-FIPS Sensors.
    • The Central Manager and MDR features can be used in this mode but are not FIPS compliant.
    • The Manager and Sensor version supports features that are mandatory requirement for Common Criteria and DoDIN APL certification.
    • The new features are certified for Common Criteria and DoDIN APL for Manager Appliance Linux and NS-series Sensors.