Network Security Platform dashboard in McAfee ePO

McAfee ePO provides you the option to view Network Security Platformdata on a dashboard.

This dashboard in McAfee ePO™ provides the following monitors:

  • Attack Severity Summary
  • Device Fault Summary
  • Manager Fault Summary
  • Top 10 Attack Destinations
  • Top 10 Attacks
  • Top 10 Attack Sources

To view product data in McAfee ePO, you need to install Network Security Platformextension file in McAfee ePO™ .

When this Extension file is installed in McAfee ePO™ , a default dashboard with the above monitors is created on McAfee ePO™ Dashboards page. This dashboard displays information from Network Security Platform. Optionally, you can create new dashboards for Network Security Platform in McAfee ePO™ .

A default server task is also created in McAfee ePO™ , as part of the installation of the product extension. This server task needs to be configured for pulling in the relevant data from Network Security Platform. For more details, refer the section Configuring a Server Task for Network Security Platform in McAfee ePO.

Data retrieval when the McAfee® Network Security Manager is in Manager Disaster Recovery (MDR) mode:

Consider the following scenarios when the Manager is in MDR mode:

If the Primary Manager is active, then data is retrieved from the Primary Manager to McAfee ePO™ . In case the Primary Manager is in standby mode, and the Secondary Manager is active, data is retrieved from the Secondary Manager.

If both Primary and Secondary Managers are in standby mode, then the data that was last available in the Primary Manager is retrieved to McAfee ePO™ , and displayed on the dashboard.

If both Primary and Secondary Manager s are not available, then data is not retrieved to McAfee ePO™ . In this case, all the dashboard data tables are cleared and empty dashboards are displayed in McAfee ePO™ .