Configure Host Intrusion Prevention details

You can integrate the Manager with Host Intrusion Prevention. To do so, perform the following steps.


  1. In the Manager navigate to Manager<Admin Domain Name>IntegrationHIP.
    The Enable page appears.
  2. Click Download the ePO extension for the Network Security Manager here link.
    A dialog box appears prompting you to confirm whether you want to Open or Save
  3. Save the to a location for future use.
  4. Logon to McAfee ePO™ console.
  5. Navigate to MenuSoftwareExtensions.
    The ePolicy Orchestrator page appears.
  6. Click Install Extension.
    The Install Extension dialog-box appears.
  7. Browse and select the McAfee ePO™ extension file from the location mentioned in step 4.
    Once installed, the Manager is listed under the Settings Categories list.
  8. Verify on the McAfee ePO™ console that the Host Intrusion Prevention extension is installed.