MVISION ePO Quick Start

The fastest way to start using McAfee MVISION ePO is to sign up for an account and log on to the cloud.

Sign up for an account

To begin, navigate to and click Sign Up Now.

Complete the form to register for MVISION ePO.

Wait a few minutes for an email with instructions to activate MVISION ePO.

Activate your account

After you receive the email, click Activate.

The Activate link opens a web browser and takes you to the Welcome to McAfee page.

Enter a new password for your MVISION ePO environment and click Create My Account.

Log on to your account

Log onto the MVISION ePO Console with your email and new password.

You can now view the Protection Workspace landing page. This dashboard provides a dynamic view of threats and compliance information of the environment.

Next steps

Use MVISION ePO to manage your systems from the cloud.

  • MVISION Endpoint — Use the MVISION Endpoint Quick Start to deploy MVISION Endpoint on your systems.
  • Protection Workspace — Quickly identify threats detected in the environment and seamlessly navigate to any impacted device to view the threat. The Protection Workspace is divided into several categories, allowing you to view compliance information and manage key threats in one place.