Migration to MVISION ePO Quick Start

The MVISION ePO Migration extension allows you to migrate from your current on-premise McAfee ePO server to MVISION ePO.

Before you begin

Moving from McAfee ePO on-premise to MVISION ePO requires that you complete a few tasks ahead of time.

  • Make sure you have access to your current McAfee ePO server.
  • Install the MVISION ePO Migration extension on your current ePO server.
  • Create an account on MVISION ePO.

Run the migration tool on your McAfee ePO server

To begin, log on to your McAfee ePO server.

Then, select the menu and click MVISION ePO Migration.

Configure your new MVISION ePO Account

You're now ready to get started. First, set up the connection between your on-premise server and MVISION ePO by configuring your MVISION ePO account.

Enter your credentials and click Link to MVISION ePO Account.

Clone the current McAfee ePO server

Next, the system checks your current products to determine which configuration settings are compatible with MVISION ePO. It then creates a clone of those settings and sends the data to MVISION ePO.

Review the information here and click Clone to MVISION ePO.

Select a pilot group to migrate first

Now select the systems that you want to migrate from your McAfee ePO System Tree. To help the process go smoothly, McAfee recommends selecting a pilot group of systems to migrate first. That way, you can identify any issues before you migrate all of your systems.

Select the systems for your pilot group and click Migrate.

Migrate the pilot group

After the migration process begins, you can track the progress by viewing updates on the left side of the migration page.

Migrate your remaining systems

Log on to MVISION ePO and verify that your systems and settings appear correctly. After the successful migration of your pilot group, you can use the MVISION ePO Migration tool to migrate your remaining systems.

Next steps

Now that you have migrated, you can use MVISION ePO to manage your systems. Your systems are typically ready after the next agent-server communication.