Protection Workspace Quick Start

The Protection Workspace provides a snapshot of your network's security status, allowing you to view key threats, investigate them, and determine a response.

  1. Monitor

    Log on to the Protection Workspace for a quick overview of the health of your environment.

  2. Identify

    Quickly identify escalated or quarantined devices and any devices that are out of compliance with your organization's policy.

    Tip: Scan for red in Threat Overview and Compliance Overview. Red indicates there is a potential threat and your devices aren't running the latest versions of McAfee software.
  3. Investigate

    Work your way across the workspace from left to right:

    1. Select the color-coded device you are investigating to filter the data in the Activity Filters section. Filter data based on what you are most concerned about:

      • Devices with a high number of events
      • Threats by a specific name
      • Where a threat originated

    2. Select an event in the table to open the Threat Details, then expand Affected Devices to see specific details in the Device Details section.

  4. Remediate

    Change the security state of the device to Escalated or Isolated to prevent the device from impacting your network.

  5. Next steps

    You can continue looking at and resolving issues with other devices in this space, or identify and investigate other areas of concern.