Setting up McAfee WGCS

After logging on to MVISION Cloud and creating users and assigning web protection roles, you can complete all your setup tasks.

  1. Log in to MVISION Cloud and access the web setup pages:
    1. Activate McAfee WGCS
    2. Create users and assign roles (requires logon)
  2. To get started quickly, complete these steps:
    1. Set up Client Proxy
    2. Download the default certificate authority from here. (requires logon)

      This step is recommended. It is also required for SAML authentication or to see error messages that occur during authentication.

  3. Configure authentication methods and add them to locations:
  4. Add log data residency information to locations:
  5. To set up McAfee Mobile Cloud Security in MVISION Cloud:

    Secure the VPN tunnel to your mobile devices