MVISION Insights Overview

MVISION Insights gives you the latest global intelligence on the top campaigns that threat actors are using to target business sectors and organizations around the world. You can view metrics for your business sector and geo-location and prevalence data for both targeted campaigns and specific security threats that might impact your organization. With this information, you can take preventive action to protect your organization.

  1. Security Posture Score — View your current score based on these four attributes — Content, Zero-day, Configuration, and Detection prevalence.
    • Content verifies that the AMCore Content versions are sufficient to protect against known campaigns.
    • Zero-day looks at Adaptive Threat Protection and Real Protect related configuration and content.
    • Configuration considers On Access Scan, McAfee Global Threat Intelligence, Access Protection, and Exploit Prevention.
    • Detection Prevalence denotes the presence of unresolved campaign-related events on devices. It also considers the severity of those campaigns. For example, an unresolved event originated due to a HIGH Severity campaign leads to a lower Posture Score compared to an unresolved event originated due to a LOW Severity campaign.
  2. Campaigns By Severity — View the number of campaigns detected based on the severity of each campaign — High, Medium, Low.
  3. Campaign Detections — View the count of campaign-related detections in the last 10 days. Campaigns are detected in Insights Cloud using Campaign Intelligence from ATR/COAT for the incoming telemetry from your devices.

    Click the number of detections to view details on the Devices and Events page.

  4. Devices — View the number of devices in your environment that are exposed and those that have insufficient AMCore content coverage for known campaigns.

    Click the number of systems affected to view details on the Devices and Events page.

  5. Campaigns Trending Globally — View the top-three campaigns based on the devices impacted globally by them.
  6. Campaigns — Drill-down to view detailed information about specific campaigns, your environment, and Indicators of Compromise (IoCs).
  7. Threats — Drill-down to view detailed information about specific non-campaign threats and your environment.