Feature configurations and web policy

McAfee has proprietary features such as ATD, GTI, and GAM that are running behind the scenes enabling web policy. You can create different named configurations of these technologies and map them to different rule sets to support a number of unique use cases.

Rule set processing involves related McAfee WGCS features. For example, processing the Anti-Malware rule set involves the Anti-Malware for GAM feature. The following features have settings that you can configure.

Feature Related rule set
Anti-Malware for GAM feature Anti-Malware
Certificate Verification feature Certificate Verification
Certificate Verification Options feature HTTPS Connection Options
Composite Opener feature Archive and Transfer
DLP Classification feature DLP Classification
DLP Dictionaries feature DLP Dictionary
Data Trickling feature Download Progress
ICAP Server feature DLP ICAP Server
HTTPS Connection feature HTTPS Connection Options
HTTPS Decryption feature HTTPS Decryption
Next Hop Proxy feature Next Hop Proxy
Web Filtering feature Reputation and Category