How to use the list catalog

The List Catalog is a catalog of the lists used by the policy rules. Examples of list types are strings, regular expressions, and IP addresses.

For example, you can configure a rule that allows all traffic sent from a list of client IP addresses. Lists simplify policy configuration.

You can view and configure lists in the List Catalog, which consists of these list categories.

  • Certificate Authority -- Trusted root CAs.
  • Host and certificate -- Host name and certificate pairs used to allow certificates that are otherwise invalid, such as recently expired certificates.
  • IP -- Individual IPv4 or IPv6 addresses.
  • IP range -- Ranges of IPv4 or IPv6 address using a starting and ending IP address or CIDR notation.
  • Media type -- Predefined or custom media types used to categorize document types, audio formats, or video formats.
  • Number -- Numbers associated with different objects, such as ports.
  • Regular expression -- String matching using Perl regular expression syntax.
  • Smart Match -- Mixed URLs, host names, IP addresses, and domains.
  • String Strings associated with different objects, such as process names.
  • URL category -- Predefined or custom URL categories.