Activate your account

Your activation email provides a code to activate your account, and your welcome email includes instructions for logging on for the first time. Your activation code expires one week after you receive your activation email.

Before you begin

You need this information to start the initial MVISION ePO configuration:

  • Activation email — Provides a code to activate your account.
  • Welcome email — Provides an activation code and instructions for logging on the first time.
  • List of computers connected to your network — Allows you to connect those systems to MVISION ePO by sending an email to users and having them run an installation URL. You can also remotely log on to those systems as an administrator to run the installation URL.

If you have already activated your account, you can't activate it again.


  1. From the welcome email, click Activate.
  2. Choose a secure password, type it in the form, and confirm it for verification.
  3. Click Create My Account.


Your account is successfully activated and you can log on to MVISION ePO.