Migrating from McAfee ePO to MVISION ePO

You can migrate from your on-premise server to cloud using the MVISION ePO Migration extension. You must install this extension on your on-premise server to migrate to MVISION ePO. This process allows you to manage your migrated systems in the cloud with MVISION ePO.

Migrating your systems from the on-premise McAfee ePO server to MVISION ePO consists of these tasks:

  1. Create an MVISION ePO account.
  2. Clone the current McAfee ePO server configurations.
  3. Migrate a pilot group consisting of 10–25 systems, depending on the size of your network.
  4. Migrate the rest of the systems in the organization.

Note: The version of your McAfee ePO must be 5.3.1 or later.