Create a custom product deployment task

The Advanced Product Deployment page enables you to create deployment tasks to further customize product installation and removal.


  1. Select MenuSoftwareProduct Deployment , then click Advanced Product Deployment link under Advanced Options.
  2. In the Advanced Product Deployment page, click New Deployment.
  3. Configure the product deployment.
    Field Action
    Name Type a product deployment name.
    Package Select the software package.
    Action Choose Install or Uninstall action.
    Command line Type command line to deploy software page.
    + Add another package Click to add another software package.
    • Select Individual Systems — Select individual systems from System Tree for fixed deployment.
    • Select by Tag or Group — Select tags or System Tree groups for continuous deployment.
    Auto update
    • Automatically deploy latest version of products — Select to automatically deploy the latest product version.
    • Allow end users to postpone this deployment (Windows only) — Select to postpone the software deployment.
      • Type the maximum number of postpones allowed.
      • Type the time (seconds) after which the postpone option expires.
      • Type the text to appear when postponing the deployment.
    Schedule Type Select:
    • Run Immediately — to immediately start product deployment.
    • Once — to run the deployment task once. Specify the start date, start time, and time zone.
    • Daily — to run the deployment task daily. Specify the start date, start time, and time zone.
    Deployment Description Type a deployment description.
  4. Click Save.