Managing users and accounts

Administrators can invite users to create accounts, and manage and configure accounts. Administrators control what users see and what they can access by adding and assigning roles to users.

MVISION ePO provides the option to assign the appropriate access to users.

For example, a user might need to view your custom query, but doesn't need to make any changes to it. Another user might need to manage endpoints, but doesn't need to analyze cloud application usage. Limiting access to features ensures that only the users you choose have access or can make changes to your data. You can delegate the work of administrating MVISION ePO to more administrators without giving them more access than they want or need.

Permissions are grouped into roles that can be assigned to multiple users. Users can also be assigned to multiple roles, which give them an accumulation of permissions granted by each of the roles. Some roles are provided for you, but you can also customize a role by creating or duplicating a role. You can assign a role to any number of users when the right permissions are selected.

MVISION ePO provides these default roles:

  • MVISION ePO Administrator
  • MVISION Account Administrator
Note: Other roles are available based on the product you subscribed. For example, if you've subscribed for MVISION Mobile, then the default role is MVISION Mobile Administrator.