Confirm system management

Make sure that your systems and are now managed in the System Tree.

Validate that your systems are now managed in MVISION ePO.
  1. Users have installed the McAfee Agent.
  2. Their systems have communicated with MVISION ePO.
  3. Users downloaded and installed the product software.


  1. To confirm that the system users have installed the McAfee Agent, select MenuSystemsSystem Tree.
  2. Select the group name under My Organization to view the list of systems for each group.
  3. Use the list of email addresses you used to send the installation URL to confirm the status of each system.
    • Next to each computer listed in the System Name column, Managed appears in the Managed State column .

    If all computers don't appear, you might need to remind your users to install the McAfee Agent using the installation URL.


MVISION ePO is now managing these systems in your network.