Customize the installation URL and send it to users

You must customize the software and policy settings when creating the installation URL. Send the installation URL (also called the Agent Deployment URL) to all users whose systems you want to manage with MVISION ePO.

After you send the installation URL to the endpoint users in your network, they use a browser to access the installation URL and open the installer. The installer starts this process:

  1. The McAfee Agent is downloaded to the system.
  2. The system communicates back to MVISION ePO and adds the system to the default group, My Group, in the System Tree.
  3. After these communications, the system appears in the System Tree as Managed.
  4. After the McAfee Agent is installed, it downloads the product software you selected when you created the installation URL.


  1. From MVISION ePO, select MenuSoftwareProduct Deployment.
  2. Enter a group name, select the platform type, then select the type of endpoint protection to deploy.
  3. Click Save.
    The Install Protection on Other Computers dialog box displays the installation URL.
  4. Copy the URL to your clipboard.
  5. Email or copy the URL to the systems that you want to manage.
  6. Ask the endpoint users to perform the installation steps for their operating system:
    • Windows
    • macOS
    • Linux


Once your endpoint users have installed the McAfee Agent on their systems, the McAfee Agent communicates with MVISION ePO, downloads the product software, and brings these systems under MVISION ePO management.