Edit your profile and account information

You can view your profile and change your email address, password, or account information anytime.


  1. From MVISION ePO, select User MenuMy Profile.
  2. Under Contact Information:
    • Select the country code from the Phone Number drop-down, then type a valid phone number.
    • You can see the email address that you used to log on to MVISION ePO in the Email Address (Logon Name) field.
  3. Under Personal Information:
    • Type you first name and last name in the First Name and Last Name fields respectively.
    • You can see the tenant details in the Tenant Name and Tenant ID fields.
  4. Under Security:
    • Click Change Password to change your password.

      For more information, see Password requirements in Set up an MVISION ePO account.

    • Enable the Two-Factor Authentication button and choose a country code and type a valid phone number, then click Enroll.
  5. Click Save Changes.