MVISION Insights — February 2021 release

This MVISION Insights release includes new features and enhancements.

Every update release is cumulative and includes all features and fixes from the previous release.

UX improvements for campaigns and threats requiring attention

A section called Why requiring attention describes the reason why a campaign or threat has been added to the Requiring Attention list.

Mark unresolved events as resolved

You can manually mark unresolved events as resolved using a new Mark this event as Resolved button in the Your environment and Devices and Events sections.

Resolved issues

This release resolves known issues:

Reference Resolution
AE-4409 An issue where the exposed device count is shown as "-" for campaigns with unresolved detections from NSP telemetry has now been resolved with the addition of the Why requiring attention? section.
AE-4410 UI issues in the Campaign Overview section have now been resolved.
AE-4499 An issue where only one campaign event is displayed on the Devices and Events panel when IOC is part of multiple campaigns has now been resolved.

Getting started information

The MVISION Insights for MVISION ePO Product Guide has the information you need to get started using MVISION Insights in your MVISION ePO environment.

Known issues

For a list of known issues in this product release, see KB93109.