Install MVISION EDR on McAfee ePO

You can install MVISION EDR locally on the McAfee ePO server.

Before you begin

  • Make sure that you have McAfee ePO 5.9.1 or later installed.
  • For information about deploying McAfee Agent, see the McAfee Agent Installation Guide.


  1. Log on to MVISION EDR as administrator.
  2. Click the configuration icon on the top-right corner to access the Configuration page.
  3. On the Configuration page, select Use McAfee ePO on-premise for management.
    Important: Make sure you select the correct configuration. This setting can only be changed with the assistance of Customer Support.
  4. Click Save, then click Continue to confirm the configuration.
  5. In the View account settings section, you can opt to share telemetry data by selecting I choose to share telemetry data (defined below) with McAfee, then click Save.
  6. Check in the MVISION EDR extension:
    1. Log on to McAfee ePO as administrator.
    2. Select MenuSoftwareSoftware Manager / Software Catalog, then under Product Categories search for MVISION EDR.
    3. Select the MVISION Endpoint Detection and Response product to view the list of available components.
    4. For the MVISION EDR component, under Actions click Check In.
    5. Read the McAfee End User License Agreement and select I accept the terms in the license agreement checkbox.
    After checking in the MVISION EDR extension, all dependent extensions and packages are installed.
    • MVISION Cloud Bridge
    • MVISION EDR Endpoint Snapshot Tool
    • McAfee Data Exchange Layer extensions
    • McAfee Data Exchange Layer broker extensions
    • MVISION EDR Client
    • MVISION EDR Client Package
  7. Add your MVISION EDR account credentials to MVISION Cloud Bridge:
    1. On McAfee ePO, select MenuConfigurationServer SettingsMVISION Cloud Bridge.
    2. Click Edit.
    3. On the Edit MVISION Cloud Bridge page, enter the email address and password created for MVISION EDR, then click Save.
    4. On MVISION EDR Settings, check if the Status is successful.
      Important: If your tenant is hosted in a Frankfurt, Sydney, or Canada data center, go to McAfee ePO and select MenuConfigurationServer SettingsDXL Cloud Databus and change the URL to:
      • Frankfurt data center —
      • Sydney data center —
      • Canada data center —
  8. Deploy the MVISION EDR client to devices:
    1. On McAfee ePO, select MenuProduct Deployment, then click New Deployment.
    2. Enter a name and description for the deployment task.
    3. Select McAfee MVISION EDR Client as the software package.
    4. Click Select Individual Systems.
    5. From System Tree, on the System Selection page, select the devices where you want to deploy the MVISION EDR client, then click OK.
    6. Click Run Immediately to start the deployment task immediately.
    7. Click Save.
  9. On MVISION EDR, click the configuration icon to access the Configuration page:
    1. Select Install components, then click Done.
    2. Select Configure data sources, click McAfee ePO, and verify whether the connection status is green.
  10. Check that all MVISION EDR basic components are installed and the product is connected to McAfee ePO.
    To install MVISION EDR on another McAfee ePO system, follow steps 6 through 10.