MVISION DLP Monitor installation workflows

(This topic applies to MVISION DLP.) Based on your business needs, you can choose to manage DLP appliances from MVISION ePO or McAfee ePO. To manage appliances from MVISION ePO, you can either upgrade your existing appliance software or perform a fresh installation of the appliance, and then provision the appliance with MVISION ePO. MVISION ePO is a multi-tenant, globally scaled management service that runs in the cloud from where you can apply the MVISION DLP policies to protect data.

Note: This Installation Guide contains information specific to MVISION DLP Monitor appliance installation and configuration. For information about setting up the McAfee DLP 7700, McAfee DLP 6600, and McAfee DLP 5500 hardware appliances, see the McAfee Data Loss Prevention Monitor 11.6.x Hardware Guide.