Overview of the deployment process

Migration is only one task in the process of installing and deploying McAfee MOVE AntiVirus. This deployment overview shows where migration fits into the overall process.

See the Installation Guides for McAfee MOVE AntiVirus and McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator for more information about installing the product components and creating assignments.

  1. Check that the environment and managed systems where you want to install McAfee MOVE AntiVirus meet the requirements described in the McAfee MOVE AntiVirus Installation Guide.
  2. Check in and install the product package, extension files, and the McAfee Agent package files to the McAfee ePO.
  3. Create a client task to deploy the correct version of the McAfee Agent to managed systems.
  4. Migrate legacy product settings.
  5. (Manual migration only) Assign the migrated policies and client tasks to managed groups and systems.
  6. Deploy McAfee MOVE AntiVirus to managed systems.