Using policies in McAfee ePO

Policies enable you to configure managed products and apply the configuration to systems in your network, all from the McAfee ePO console.

Policies are collections of settings that you create, configure, and apply, then enforce. Most policy settings correspond to settings that you configure for the McAfee MOVE AntiVirus client systems. Other policy settings are the primary interface for configuring and deploying the McAfee MOVE AntiVirus SVM and its components.

McAfee MOVE AntiVirus adds these categories to the Policy Catalog.

Table 1: McAfee MOVE AntiVirus categories
Category Description
Options Configures the quarantine manager options that apply to both on-access scanner and on-demand scanner. Also, specifies the SVM assignment details for Multi-Platform.
On Access Scan Examines files on the computer as the user accesses them, and provides continuous, real-time detection of threats.
On Demand Scan Configures the on-demand scan settings for the preconfigured scans that run on the SVM.
Share Cloud Solutions (Multi-Platform only) Enables you to specify that files and certificates with specific reputations are allowed to perform certain scan actions, as specified by scan rules.
SVM Manager Settings (Multi-Platform only) Configures the SVM Manager and autoscale settings required for SVM deployment and management.
SVM Settings Specifies settings that apply to SVM configuration, scanning options, on-demand scan configurations required for SVM, and scan performance.
Table 2: McAfee MOVE AntiVirus Common categories
Category Description
Options Allows you to configure the settings to defend files, services, and registry keys on virtual machines and to log events and alerts.

In each category, these predefined policies are available:

Table 3: McAfee MOVE AntiVirus predefined policies
Policy Description
McAfee Default Defines the default policy that takes effect if no other policy is applied. You can duplicate this policy, but you can't delete or modify it.
My Default Specifies predefined settings for the category.

You can use predefined policies as is, edit the My Default policies, or create custom policies.

For information about creating and using policies and the Policy Catalog, see the McAfee ePO documentation.