McAfee ePO features leveraged by McAfee MOVE AntiVirus

McAfee MOVE AntiVirus leverages these features in the McAfee ePO environment.

McAfee ePO feature McAfee MOVE AntiVirus
Policies Adds predefined policies to the Policy Catalog.
Client tasks Adds predefined client tasks to the Client Task Catalog.
Dashboards and monitors Adds predefined dashboards and monitors.
Permission sets Adds a McAfee MOVE AntiVirus permission group to each permission set.
Queries and reports Adds:
  • Predefined queries to the Query list.

    Query names include Multi-Platform, Agentless, and SVM name for easier filtering.

  • Predefined Result Types and Properties for creating and narrowing the scope of custom queries.
Server tasks Adds predefined server tasks to the Server Tasks list in Automation.
Threat Event Log Adds McAfee MOVE AntiVirus events that you can filter and view.