Types of scans

McAfee MOVE AntiVirus provides two types of scans: on-access scans and on-demand scans.

  • On-access scan — Configure on-access scans to run on managed endpoints. Whenever you access files, folders, and programs, the on-access scanner checks the operation and scans the item, based on criteria defined by the administrator. On-access scanning provides continuous and real-time detection of threats.

    To configure and schedule on-access scans, use the on-access scan policy settings.

  • On-demand scan — Configure and schedule on-demand scans to run on managed endpoints. This scan type examines all files on virtual machines for potential threats during the time specified. On‑demand scans supplement the continuous protection of on‑access scanning. You can also schedule regular scans at times that do not interfere with your work.

    To configure and schedule on-demand scans, use these client task settings:

    • Targeted On Demand Scan — Allows you to select a system or a group of systems from the System Tree to initiate the on-demand scan.
    • Policy-based On-Demand Scan — Schedules the predefined on-demand scans. Configure the behavior of these scans in the policy settings for on-demand scan.

    The Options policy includes settings that apply to all scan types.