Using permission sets

A permission set specifies all permissions that apply to one object and controls users' level of access to features.

McAfee MOVE AntiVirus adds a permission group MOVE AntiVirus SVM Manager to each permission set.

Permission groups define the access rights to the features. McAfee ePO grants all permissions for all products and features to global administrators. Administrators then assign user roles to existing permission sets or create permission sets.

Feature Required permissions
Automatic responses Automatic Responses, Event Notifications, plus any feature-specific permissions depending on the feature used (such as System Tree or queries).
Client tasks
  • McAfee MOVE AntiVirus (Multi-Platform) Tasks
  • McAfee MOVE AntiVirus (Agentless) Tasks
Dashboards and monitors Dashboards
Policies McAfee MOVE AntiVirus Policy
Queries Queries and Reports
Server tasks Server tasks
System Tree Systems, System Tree access
Threat Event Log Systems, System Tree access, Threat Event Log