Key features

McAfee MOVE AntiVirus features are important for the security, protection, and performance of your enterprise systems.

Some features are shared by the Multi-Platform and Agentless deployment options, and some features apply to only one option.

Feature Description Multi-Platform Agentless
Centralized management McAfee MOVE AntiVirus integrates fully into McAfee ePO for automated security reporting, monitoring, deployment, and policy administration. Yes Yes
Data Center visibility Cloud Workload Discovery, part of the Data Center Security suite, provides a complete view into virtual datacenters and imports key properties like servers, hypervisors, and VMs through McAfee ePO. Yes Yes
On-access scanning Examine files as they are accessed, providing continuous, real-time detection of threats. Yes Yes
On-demand scanning Examine all files on VMs to find potential threats any time or on a schedule. Yes Yes
Targeted on-demand scanning Optimize file scanning for files where the previous scanning is timed out for reasons such as large file size, file structure, and file composition. Yes Yes
SVM Manager Automatically assign the SVM to Multi-Platform clients for simplified administrative management, monitoring the health of SVMs, and load-balancing of SVMs. Yes NA
SVM autoscaling The SVMs automatically scale up and down depending on the number of endpoints connected. Define the number of backup SVMs that are ready to protect your client systems. Calculate the number of ready SVMs required for the maximum number of clients that need protection at any time of the day. The standby SVMs are automatically deployed based on the backup SVM value. Yes NA
Scan diagnostics Run the scan diagnostic tool to easily find frequently scanned files, extensions, and VMs, then use the results to exclude them from being scanned, improving performance. Yes Yes
RAM disk for scanning RAM disk is used by the OSS for file scanning and it significantly reduces the disk I/O on the offline scan server. By default, RAM disk is enabled in the McAfee ePO server. RAM disk is created by the OSS and it improves the OSS performance by enhancing the scan time. Yes NA
Threat Intelligence Exchange Determine a file's reputation risk score with seamless integration of TIE, McAfee ePO, and McAfee MOVE AntiVirus. Yes NA
Advanced Threat Defense integration Protect your client systems and network against malware and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) with the multi-level threat detection capabilities of ATD. Yes NA
Optimized scanning Minimize the performance impact on virtual servers with enhanced scan avoidance and scanning based on overall workload of the hypervisor. Yes Yes
NSX Manager-based deployment Register the SVM with VMware NSX Manager and automatically deploy it to a host to provide virus protection for VMs on a new hypervisor as soon as the hypervisor is added to the cluster. NA Yes
VMware vCNS-based deployment Deploy the SVM to hypervisor or hypervisors in vCNS environment to provide virus protection for VMs on a hypervisor. NA Yes
Endpoint Scan and Security reports With the Cloud Workload Discovery software, quickly retrieve Endpoint Scan Report and Endpoint Security Report of all registered endpoints. Yes Yes