Automated installation and deployment

Having multiple installation and deployment methods ensures that you can select the level of automation or customization that best suits your environment.

  • Automated wizards — Install and deploy the product with preconfigured, default settings and minimal interaction during installation.
  • McAfee MOVE AntiVirus SVM autoscaling — The security administrator can define the number of backup SVMs that are ready to protect your client systems. Calculate the number of ready SVMs required for the maximum number of clients that need protection at any time of the day. The standby SVMs are automatically deployed based on the backup SVM value. For example, if you specify the backup SVM as 4, two standby SVMs are deployed automatically. Therefore, the McAfee MOVE AntiVirus SVMs automatically scale up and down depending on the number of endpoints connected.
  • SVM Manager — Automatically assigns McAfee MOVE AntiVirus SVM to (Multi-Platform) clients based on configurable parameters like scan server load, McAfee ePO tags, and IP address ranges. This is applicable to Multi-Platform only.