Installation overview

McAfee® provides management of native encryption to manage FileVault and BitLocker enabled endpoints through McAfee® ePolicy Orchestrator® (McAfee® ePO™) . You can manage McAfee® Management of Native Encryption (MNE) with McAfee ePO, or you can use McAfee ePO only to report on the encryption status of endpoints that have FileVault and BitLocker enabled.

To install MNE on Mac or Windows client systems and manage it using McAfee ePO, you need to install a client package and three extensions.

  • — The client package for Mac systems.
  • — The client package for Windows systems.
  • — The extension that allows you to manage and report on FileVault and BitLocker on client systems.
  • — The extension that allows users to perform self-recovery.
  • — The extension assesses the readiness of systems for full disk encryption. It is for Mac OS X systems only.