What's new

The MNE 5.0.0 release includes these new features that apply to Windows systems only.

McAfee Preboot authentication

This feature allows you to enforce user-domain authentication at startup using the McAfee Preboot authentication window. You can configure McAfee Preboot as an authentication type in McAfee ePO policies to protect systems. This feature is available on Windows UEFI systems only.

Active Directory user provisioning in McAfee Preboot

This feature allows you to facilitate user log on with Active Directory credentials at preboot. Provisioning of users from McAfee Preboot is not available until McAfee® Data Exchange Layer (DXL) is active. You must also register an LDAP server in McAfee ePO.

User provisioning from Windows

This feature allows you to provision an existing Windows user for McAfee Preboot authentication. Users can log on in offline mode at McAfee Preboot.

BitLocker To Go USB support

This feature allows you to configure BitLocker To Go to manage removable media on BitLocker encrypted client systems via an exposed GPO in McAfee ePO policies.

Management of the network unlock protector merged into MNEADMIN extension

The management of network unlock protector feature is now available as part of the MNEADMIN extension. Previously, this feature was available through a separate extension (MNEAdvancedFeatures).

System recovery using BitLocker

This feature allows the user to exit the McAfee Preboot window to BitLocker Recovery if authentication at McAfee Preboot is not possible for any reason.